Will Virtual Reality Increase Problematic Gambling Behaviour?

Virtual Reality HeadsetWhile many people are enjoying the rise in popularity of virtual reality gambling and are simply loving the new experience, some are concerned about the experience of virtual reality. A bunch of scientists have particular doubts whether it can be addictive and although addiction of virtual reality has not been proven as of yet, it makes sense to think that VR games should be at least as addictive as video games are.

And for video games, they are among the most commonly found addictions today. Gambling is also among them, although to a much lesser extent than the myths pervading the public opinion would lead us to believe. So, does it mean that the connection of gambling and virtual reality, such as SlotsMillion and other VR Casinos, is going to increase addiction and gambling problems? No such conclusion could be drawn easily.


Gambling Can’t Make Virtual Reality More Addictive

Various research projects confirm that excessive use of digital media can cause sleep problems, weight gain, increased aggression and other negative consequences. This applies to a lot of things, including video games and even TV. Children are especially prone to these effects and virtual reality technology can make it even harder for them to tell the difference between real and virtual experiences.

But that’s none of gambling industry’s concern. Just like all the real and online casinos, legal VR casinos obey strict rules and regulations issued by gambling commissions. One of them is that no person under 18 is allowed to play at a virtual reality casino. So, those who are most prone to the addiction of virtual reality will never get the chance to play at a virtual reality casino. At least, not until they’ve grown up and become eighteen-plussers, anyway.

What about adults? Are virtual reality slots, Blackjack or any other casino games going to be more addictive? Will adults develop gambling problems because of it? It’s too early to tell for sure, but the lack of arguments tips the scales against such premonition.


Immersion Can Cause Gambling Problems

Virtual Reality CasinoIf anything, VR is seen as a way to bring new people, especially millennials, into the gambling industry, and not as a way to increase the loyalty of the current players. At least not until VR devices are more widespread, that is.

It’s extremely difficult to predict how new players will act in virtual reality casinos. We know that the actual gameplay remains almost the same whether you’re playing on a real machine, a mobile slot or a VR slot. However, virtual reality will make the gambling experience more immersive.

That’s why immersion, not anything else, should be at the centre of attention. It might be hard to stop at the right time and avoid making irrational decisions when gambling in virtual reality. Despite the fact that the experience is virtual, the money is real and people might forget that.


Where To Find Help 

Due to the fact that gambling is surrounded by myths, the industry does everything to fight them by imposing regulations and social responsibility upon itself. As mentioned, VR casinos are also going to be regulated in due time and probably even more than the regular ones. Some regulations will definitely deal with immersion control. It’s not yet clear how it will be done, but there are suggestions of, for example, using real-time clocks as a reminder of the real world.

We’ve yet to see if gambling problems are going to increase along with the popularity of VR games and devices. And if they do, we’re not sure if methods to fight against them are going to work. In any case, we can be sure that casino operators and the UK Gambling Commission will pay extra special attention to this matter and do everything in their power to keep potential and actual addiction at bay.

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