Will Wireless VR Gambling Be The New Trend For 2018?

wireless iconIf you keep up with how virtual reality as a market is fairing, you’d know that it’s doing pretty well but maybe not as well as expected. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has invested millions into VR headsets being made with only a small percentage of that being sold.

Will wireless VR be the miracle we’re looking for? And will it take off in the world of VR gambling? It could, after all, kick off in a big way and make VR gambling more accessible than ever before. And with new developments in wireless VR headsets, that could very much become a reality.

Wireless Attachments

samsung gear vrEarlier in 2017, there has bee a lot of promises made by companies that they will developer a lot of wireless accessories to go alongside the already profitable enterprise of VR (and that includes VR gambling). Wireless attachments might sound frivolous but they’re what make up most of the experience with many technological devices. All we’ve got this year, however, was the TPCast for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Keep in mind that this attachment has no interchangeability between devices so they can only be used for those two alone.

However, this makes sense at the moment as there are only so few headsets and while it will be beneficial for companies to make such items compatible in other devices, it does mean they give their competitors an edge over them and with VR gambling picking up steam, that would be undesirable. But it’s hard to deny VR gambling wouldn’t be more successful with more wireless attachments because the accessibility and absence of messy cables are what make those sort of things fun.


How This Will Help VR Gambling

vr gamblingWireless attachments might not have a direct impact on the experience of VR gambling. After all, these devices will work the same way, cable or no cable; it just means you’ll have less dangling cords to deal with and potentially get tangled up in. As a matter of fact, it might even become a hindrance. How many times has your WiFi dropped out or something that’s supposed to be wireless stopped working thanks to a dodgy connection?

On the other hand, it will make make things much more accessible for players in the long run. If you buy now, companies will then have the capital to invest in future projects that will make things even better. Let’s just hope companies can live up to their promises this time and deliver.


Release Dates

2018While no company has given any specific release dates, it’s expected that more details will emerge once 2018 actually rolls around. One thing’s for sure, having wireless attachments solves one of the biggest issues for VR gambling and that is accessibility. Although, it could be argued having too many can cause the resolution of some VR screens to drop dramatically. Nevertheless, it needs to be done and it’s about time VR caught up with its own standards.

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