VR Gambling Should Be More Social, Says Experts

HTC tethered headset vrWhile virtual reality certainly hasn’t been failing (it is still rather popular despite the drawbacks) it’s still not as widespread as it could be. In fact, many have blamed the shortfall on headset sales for this shortage in mainstream appeal. VR gambling is facing a similar issue — because it’s a subset of virtual reality, it is suffering to get off the ground as much as everything else.

However, experts claim it isn’t the lack of headset sales, rather the human element is lacking. It makes the startling revelation that VR gambling could benefit from more socialisation.

The Rise Of VR Social Media

rec-room-featured-imageWith the introduction to successful VR apps such as Rec Room and Altspace, it has shown a clear sign that virtual reality developers spend too much time trying to develop a sophisticated engine that will outdo competition rather than focusing on the ‘human element’.

But what does this mean and how can it apply to VR gambling in particular? Well, what this means is that people (i.e. human beings) engage much better with new pieces of technology when there’s something about it that appeals to their sense of community.

Take, for instance, Snapchat. Snapchat isn’t widely used because it has a sophisticated engine that allows you to send messages. Nobody cares about that. What people care about is the fact you can send funny photos, make stories out of them, use filters to make your snap funnier or express your mood. This inevitably builds a sense of community among its users and hereby creates a ‘human element’ to the technology. This is something VR gambling can most definitely benefit from.


Coming Back For More

poker vr social interaction

Not only do developers need to create compelling content but they need to create content that has users want to come back for more. This is why apps like Snapchat are constantly updating daily with different filters and, every now and then, new functions that make the experience seem fresh.

VR gambling is the same. The idea of a totally immersive video slot is awesome at first and can leave a lasting impression. But the novelty gets old real quick and VR gambling operators need to better understand their market in order to appeal to them.

How can they do this? Creating a more communal environment in VR casinos would be a start. Sites like SlotsMillion could have lots of players interacting with each other in their digital space if only they focus on developing that technology. They could take inspiration from Rec Room and Altspace and develop and interface that lets players keep coming back for me.


What The Experts Say

Yu-Kai ChouIn our opinion, it’s high time that VR gambling did something new. VR in general, while not floundering, is under threat of becoming a passing fad if companies don’t engage with the more human side of the technology. Expert, Yu-kai Chou says, “Instead of trying to make VR experiences look as realistic as possible, creators should focus on best practices from game design. Does the user have a way of making meaningful choices? What options does the user have to express themselves?”

Humans are social creatures and need it in anything they want to engage with. If there’s nothing like that attached, especially if it’s a newfangled bit of technology, then it’ll just be a passing novelty that will be forgotten quickly.

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