Twin Spin Deluxe Slot Review — A Good Game, Though Not For VR

Twin Spin Deluxe by NetEntSometimes, here at Virtual Reality Casinos, we see a slot and immediately dream up how great it would look in VR. Some slots are just begging for it, what with their likable characters or their amazing backdrops and themes. However all slots are created equal and there are some games that, although great on mobile and desktop, should not be given a virtual reality makeover. Twin Spin Deluxe is one of these.

Twin Spin Deluxe initially launched as an exclusive to Unibet casinos however it was given widespread release earlier this month, which means any player who visits a good NetEnt casino should now be able to enjoy the title. And enjoy it you shall, as this sequel slot is packed with chances to win big and beautiful retro inspired graphics that are sure to put a smile on your face. So, why don’t we think it’s deserving of a VR reboot then? Read on to find out!




Twin Spin Deluxe PaytableTwin Spin Deluxe is the sequel slot to the very popular Twin Spin, naturally. This means it shares some thematic aspects with the original, but the one thing players may notice is different straight away is that Twin Spin Deluxe is played on an unconventional 6 reel grid. This is because Twin Spin Deluxe uses a cluster pays mechanism, instead of traditional paylines.

To create a winning combination in Twin Spin Deluxe, therefore, you need to create a cluster of 9 or more symbols. Although this may seem, at first, trickier than a regular slot, wins are actually created quite regularly as the game boasts a medium variance. Furthermore, Twin Spin Deluxe has a healthy RTP of 96.61% and is playable from as little as 10p a spin.

Visually, Twin Spin Deluxe is bright and cheery and the reels are packed out with retro symbols such as cherries, 7s and bars. The game’s highest paying symbol is the blue gem, which can reward you with up to 1,000x your stake on every spin.


Twin Reel Feature

Twin Spin Deluxe Twin Reel FeatureUnlike most NetEnt slots, Twin Spin Deluxe only includes one bonus feature, however luckily this is quite lucrative. The Twin Reel feature means that on every single spin, at least two reels will lock together and spin in unison, giving you two of the same symbols across two reels.

The Twin Reel feature has the potential to occupy all six reels, which means that all reels will be synchronised and the same symbols will appear on all of them. This, as you ca n imagine, gives you an increased chance at creating a winning combination and can produce some huge rewards.


Twin Spin Deluxe in Virtual Reality

So far, it would seem that Twin Spin Deluxe would be a perfect candidate to be transformed into a VR game. Not only would the spinning reels be highly entertaining in virtual reality, but the bright colours would make it a great sensory experience and the retro feel would definitely be immersive.

Twin Spin Deluxe Gameplay ScreenshotAll that being said, we think that Twin Spin Deluxe lacks the depth of some of NetEnt’s more innovative games and therefore may not prove to be so popular in VR. Moreover, the fact that it is a retro inspired game means that the symbols are pretty plain and that the most exciting feature is actually how the reels spin, and how winning combinations, are created on your desktop or mobile screen.

In the past, we’ve argued that some simple games could work amazingly well in VR, such as Starburst for example. However, Starburst has a cult like status that will draw fans in, Twin Spin Deluxe not so much. Overall, we think it’s probably best NetEnt leave this game alone – after all, we want the brand to create more and more virtual reality slots and wasting their time with this one might mean we’re cheated out of something which would really be stunning!



Twin Spin Deluxe should not be a virtual reality slot. We’ve said that from the start and playing this game didn’t change our mind. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great slot in it’s own right. Twin Spin Deluxe offers players a fast-paced, entertaining experience with chances to win big and mezmerising graphics.

Instead of hoping that Twin Spin Deluxe will one day make a VR debut, we urge you to spin it now and spin it fast! We are smitten with this game, even though we don’t think it’s suitable for a virtual reality makeover, and we couldn’t recommend it enough to players who are fans of sleek, chic titles.

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