Starburst Slot Review – NetEnt’s Classic Should Go Virtual!

Starburst Slot Logo It’s been around for years, and is arguably the most popular slot for casinos to offer extra spins on, but is it time we saw Starburst by NetEnt become a virtual reality game? From killer graphics and thrilling gameplay, to the fact of it having a unique and enviable status within the online gambling community, there’s every reason for believing that Starburst is going to be around in some form or another for years to come, so with VR taking off so much as it is at the moment, why shouldn’t we hope to see this game transformed into a fully immersive VR experience?

In this slot review, we’ll not only give you the lowdown of all the features you can currently find in the Starburst game as it currently exists, but also give you a compelling argument for why we think NetEnt should consider creating a VR version of the game.


Starburst Slot GameplayAll decked out with sparkling gems and special stars, Starburst is set across a backdrop of outer space, with the cosmos twinkling away. The game itself if pretty straightforward, which is the reason we suspect that is so popular among operators for being the focus of free spins bonuses. There are 5 reels on the game, with only 10 paylines, meaning that even for a below average player, it’s still super easy to follow the action.

You’re able to wager anything between £0.01 and £10, making it the kind of game which appeals far more to the casual player than the high roller, which is compounded by the relatively low jackpot size of a mere £250. The game has low variance, meaning you’re not going to be waiting around long for a win, and with an average return to player rate of 96.1%, it’s unlikely to break the bank.

Starburst Feature

Starburst FeatureIt has to be said that the Starburst slot is actually relatively lacking in features, while there are plenty of wilds, there’s very little else in terms of features to write home about. The main thing in the game to get players excited is the Starburst Wild Feature, which is triggered when one or more wilds appear on reels 2,3 or 4.

In the Starburst Wilds feature, the expanding wilds stretch out to cover the entire reel. That might be good in itself, but on top of expanding wild, you’ll be awarded a re-spin on top to increase your chances of winning; once you’ve re-spun, you even have the chance of retriggering the feature by landing subsequent wilds!

Starburst in Virtual Reality

One of things we talk about most when we’re considering which games we think would make decent virtual reality slot is the visuals. To have a compelling experience, you want a game to look great, and have the potential for spellbinding immersion; we certainly think Starburst has this down to a T. The bright colours and vivid animation make the prospect of experiencing this game in full virtual reality really exciting, while the gameplay itself would remain the same level of heart racing excitement it has always been.

Starburst Slot Big WinOf course, there’s not much in the way of narrative in the game, which might mean some players who want more of a story in their virtual reality feel like they’re missing out, but we think the cinematographic nature of the game as a whole more than makes up for it.

The thing is, NetEnt has already announced that it is working on a VR version of its classic Gonzo’s Quest slot, so the question has to be: why not start on the rest of the classics? We’re not saying that they have to work all the way through the back catalogue, but if you were going to name the two most iconic NetEnt slots, Starburst would surely come shortly after Gonzo’s Quest. So, NetEnt, what do you think?


The popularity that Starburst enjoys is indisputable, and whether you think it’s bred out of the game’s own internal qualities or from the fact that thousands of casinos choose to offer bonuses related to the game, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The game is a classic, and while its gameplay and bonus functions might be somewhat simple and formulaic, that fact is what many players would consider to be the beauty of the game!

As far as we know, there are still no plans as of yet to create a virtual reality version of Starburst, but we certainly think it would make a great addition to the NetEnt roster, and would love to see it happen.

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