SlotsMillions Adds Nolimit City’s Full Suite Of Slot Games

Nolimit City Logo We all are well aware by now of SlotsMillion’s voracious appetite for new games. It was just last week that we were filling you in on the latest additions to the site and with hardly any break, we’re back yet again to tell you about more. This week we have new about another whole suite of games being added to the virtual reality casino, this time coming to us from the relatively unknown but still super exciting development team at Nolimit City.


About the New Games

Slotsmillion Logo BannerSo what can we expect from the new games? Well, it has to be said that Nolimit City is still a relatively small developer, which is why even when you consider that all its games are being added to SlotsMillions, in total the whole suite of games being added this week comes as five titles. The small quantity of the games on offer isn’t something to worry about, though.

Each of the games is super high quality, has excitingly unique themes and is built in HTML5, meaning their top range graphics, sound and gameplay can be enjoyed on smartphones, tablets or desktops. Not only should we be looking forward to the great games themselves, because the fact that Nolimits city has created its own platform to ease the integration of games onto casinos means that every time the developer creates a new slot, it can be quickly and easily added to the casino’s roster.


About Nolimit City

The partnership between SlotsMillions and Nolimit makes an awful lot of sense, given their common enthusiasm for technology and innovation. Each is creating their own space and identity in their specific fields and it seems like their working together will prove fruitful not only for themselves, but also the thousands of new players, who will be able to enjoy their games from now on.

SlotsMillions is the first place Nolimit City’s games will be available to a virtual reality audience and will be an interesting experiment to see how players respond to them. Seeing as Nolimit City is still a relatively small and young developer, it’ll be interesting to see how the experience of working with a virtual reality casino will change the way the company develops games in the future.


Top Games

Kitchen Drama – Sushi Mania Slot

Kitchen DramaThe first game Nolimit City’s ongoing series of Kitchen Drama slots, Sushi Mania has a decidedly Japanese feel, with the symbols being made up of items from around the Japanese kitchen, and most notably, the elements to make up delicious sushi recipes.

The game features a classic 3 reel, 20 payline layout, with re-spins, wilds, and free spins, which are excitingly triggered in a surprisingly unexpected way. This game is a feast both for your eyes and ear, and will have you salivating for more.


Oktoberfest Slot

Oktoberfest SlotThe Germans are known for going big at the end of September (which is, contradictorily when Oktoberfest is held), which is why this second great slot from Nolimit City has gone bigger itself with 5 reels and 25 paylines.

For a game, which is based around a celebration of beer, food and excess, it’s unsurprising to see plenty of flagons, pretzels and sausages represented on its reels. With a return to player rate as high as 97%, you should have enough cash left after playing this game to have a few pints yourself.


Space Arcade Slot

Space Arcade Slot This game is all about retro, dialing everything back. Not only does the theme transport us to the retro arcade games of the 80s (think Space Invaders), the 3 reel, 9 payline layout of the reels is reminiscent of old school slot.

One of the best features of this slot is the fact that non-winning spins will build up a multiplier, which will then increase the size of all your wins. It’s the only game we can think of where it’s a benefit not to win a spin.

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