SlotsMillion Makes One UK Player Its First Millionaire

slotsmillion first millionaireIt didn’t take long for SlotsMillion to reap the rewards of the gambling licence in the UK. Gambling Commission had granted the first ever and still the only VR casino the right to operate in the United Kingdom just a few months ago, back in September. It took less than five months for the casino to make its first millionaire from the crowd of enthusiastic players in the country.

The lucky player who decided to remain anonymous was playing Mega Fortune a few weeks ago. Although he already was a fan of SlotsMillion, he must have fallen in love with this casino after winning a £2.2m jackpot. Not only is it a life-changing event for the winner, it’s also an achievement for SlotsMillion casino. Being able to pay out millions and actually doing it is a great way to gain popularity.


SlotsMillion First Millionaire Takes Home £2.2m

Slotsmillion slot tournament trophyNot that SlotsMillion casino was lacking popularity, but it certainly gained more of it as a result. Alexander Tomic of ALEA, which operates SlotsMillion casino, was happy about the occasion. Not only was it the biggest win at this virtual reality casino, it happened in a new market the casino joined just recently. He didn’t fail to mention the variety of progressive jackpot slots that are available at SlotsMillion.

According to him, gamblers love this kind of slots and there are many to choose from. Aside from Mega Fortune, there’s Mega Moolah, Major Moolah and many others. The list is actually very long since there are over 2,000 games available in total.


The Lucky Player’s Story

slotsmillion jackpotBig wins always come completely unexpected and often to people who are new to that online casino or gambling in general. This time, the lucky player was a casual gambler, playing from time to time at various sites. However, in regards to SlotsMillion and the £2.2m jackpot, he had only joined the casino a few days before the win. It was on Sunday that he found out about the first ever VR casino in the UK. He landed the big win on the following Tuesday morning.

The player told that he was up for work early on that day and decided to play for a while. At first, he was playing his favourite slots. After winning some cash on Tomb Raider slot he came up with a different idea. Why not try a new jackpot slot? He had the funds and a few spare minutes to spend, so he opened Mega Fortune and that’s when his life changed.

When asked what he was going to do with the winnings, the lucky player didn’t know yet. He said he hadn’t yet told his wife about this during the day. However, he was about to celebrate with her in the evening and decide what to do with it then. The player did mention that travelling was lurking at the back of his mind.

The first-ever millionaire made by a VR casino also said that he already enjoyed SlotsMillion before the win. It had all of his favourite games, a good reputation and great customer care. It’s likely that you’d feel the same about it, so why not join it today and give one of the progressive jackpot slots a few spins?

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