Planet Of The Apes Slot Review — NetEnt’s Next Virtual Reality Slot?

Planet of the Apes Slot Logo You know what slot we think would be an amazing candidate for a virtual reality makeover? Planet of the Apes! Yes, we know the NetEnt game has only just landed as a regular slot, but you can’t blame us for fantasising about a VR version of the new slot, given the features on offer, the spectacularly rendered aesthetics, and the compelling game modes and narrative.

It’s amazing to think that the Planet of the Apes films franchise has been around for almost 50 years. It’s taken until now that it finally got a slot of its own, but we’re kinda glad that they held out for a time when a great developer like NetEnt had the resources to really do the subject matter justice. Not only does this game ingeniously draw upon the style, aesthetics and themes of the films, but it uses some of that creative genius NetEnt is famous for to introduce brand new game features.




Planet of the Apes Slot GameplayThe very first thing you’re likely to notice when you get down to playing this game is that instead of one slot, you effectively have two 5×3 reel slots sat side by side to form a 10×3 reel slot. To the left you have a lighter coloured background, with symbols that draw inspiration from the Rise of the Planet of the Apes film (the ‘Rise’ side), while the darker coloured reels on the right draw their inspiration from the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (the ‘Dawn’ side).

The high paying symbols on this 40 payline slot are made up of characters from the two films – both simian and human – while the lower symbols include the classic poker card symbols. The rendering of these characters in this medium variance slot is done phenomenally well, while the animation is without parallel.


Rise and Dawn Features

Planet of the Apes Slot Dawn Bonus The base game is – as you’d expect from a NetEnt slot – jam-packed with bonus features. Take, for instance, the Stacked Wilds feature, by which stacked wilds are replicated in both sides of the reels, thus giving you the chance to earn more in both the Dawn and Rise sides. Then there are the Extra Spins you can land on one, the other or both sides of the screen at the same time.

Despite the inclusion of these bonuses, by far the most compelling bonus functions come in the form of the Rise and Dawn bonuses. When you align all the Rise symbols, you’ll get bonus cash for every character on the screen, up to a total of 79.5x your initial stake. The Dawn feature beats even this, with a similar bonus which would be worth up to 1,200x your stake!


Planet Of The Apes In Virtual Reality

So, why do we think Planet of the Apes would make such a good virtual reality slot? Well, we’ve a couple of reasons, but the main one relates to the fact that the game is already – by its nature – cinematic. We honestly believe that a fully immersive VR experience using it as subject matter would be amazingly compelling.

Then think about the two game areas – wouldn’t you love to see those represented in three dimensions in a virtual environment? Instead of simply having the two game areas on different halves of the screen, you could have them visualised either side of you in vivid detail, with those ape faces gazing down at you.

Also, it’s kind of feasible. NetEnt is already working on one virtual reality game, so how much more work would it be to create another from a game they already have in slot form? Honestly, we’re still waiting to see the outcome of NetEnt’s first experiment with VR in the form of its upcoming Gonzo’s Quest virtual reality slot, but if that proves to be as much of a success as everyone is predicting, then we pretty much demand that Planet of the Apes is the next of their games to get the treatment.



Planet of the Apes Slot Wilds If we’re being realistic, we’re probably not going to be seeing a virtual reality version of the Planet of the Apes slot hitting casinos any time soon, i.e. next year. As much as we’d love to see it, the logistics of switching the game to VR seems to be a little more effort than it’s worth right now.

However, as a standalone online and mobile slot in its basic form, Planet of the Apes still has an awful lot of appeal. While it does amazing justice to the films on which it’s based – no doubt winning plenty of fans who are familiar with the film franchise – it also introduces enough innovative game features that ensure that the game has appeal even to those who haven’t caught the blockbusters.

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