Gonzo’s Quest VR Slot Review — A Classic With A New Coat Of Paint

gonzos quest vr slotGonzo’s Quest is one of NetEnt’s classic slots, remaining as one of the highest played slots at the casinos even over seven years after its initial release. With the VR revolution around the corner, what better slot for NetEnt to choose to develop as their first foray in the 3D VR slot market. Gonzo’s Quest is already a solid game and NetEnt have managed to retain most of its positive characteristics and charm.

That was all done whilst adding in features which could become the norm when VR slots really take off. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Gonzo’s Quest VR and all the new tweaks that the addition of virtual reality has given it. Although there’s no major changes to gameplay, Gonzo’s Quest is still an excellent slot with a new coat of paint which makes it worth revisiting if you ever stopped playing it in the first place.


Gonzo’s Quest VR Slot Features Overview

  • 5×3 reel slot with tumbling reels
  • 20 paylines
  • 96% RTP
  • Bet range: 20p – £200
  • Max win: £25,000
  • Multiplier on each consecutive win
  • Scatter triggered free spins bonus round
  • New 3D environment with VR functionality


Free Spins Bonus Round

The main bonus feature which players can unlock in Gonzo’s Quest VR is its free spins round. When you land three scatter symbols, you’ll be given ten free spins. During the free spins round, all the same features which appear in the base game will still be present, including tumbling reels and the consecutive win multiplier.

Ten free spins can easily become more, since every time you land a win, the tumbling reels will break apart and more symbols will be added to the slot, potentially giving you further wins and therefore more spins. Tie that with multipliers for every consecutive win and you can leave free spins having built up a lot of wins and some large payouts with the multiplier added.


Tumbling Reels And Multipliers

gonzos quest vr tumbling reelsThe main feature, which governs your entire play time with Gonzo’s Quest VR are still the tumbling reels. Unlike regular slots, which simply track if you’ve made a win and then re-spin the slot, Gonzo’s Quest VR’s tumbling reels will give you additional symbols to create further wins, every time you manage to create a winning line.

When you create a winning line, all the symbols involved in that win will shatter and leave a gap. More symbols will then fall in to fill this gap and if they also create a new win, then those symbols will shatter and repeat the process. Tumbling reels don’t count as a re-spin since the entire reel doesn’t actually spin again, it just replaces the removed symbols.

Getting multiple wins is one thing, but Gonzo’s Quest VR goes one step further by also offering you an additional multiplier with every successful win during one spin. Every time the tumbling reels feature kicks in, a multiplier will tick up, going from 1x, all the way to a maximum of 5x. In theory, the tumbling reels feature can go on forever, giving you unlimited wins, with these increased multiplier effective on them. When your tumbling reels stop and you have to spin again, then the multiplier will reset back to 1x.


New 3D VR Features

gonzos quest vr menusAlthough the general gameplay of Gonzo’s Quest VR is the same, you can still get a far more immersive experience, when you play with a VR headset. If you don’t have a VR headset, then you can still look around the environment using a mouse, which isn’t as good as a headset, but still has enough charm to suck you into the world.

The major change with Gonzo’s Quest VR is that you’re now in a 3D environment. Instead of just blankly staring flat on at the reels, the reels are now an object within a world. You can look at the reels or stare around the environment to see lots of other cool little details. One of the primary ways that Gonzo’s Quest VR has changed, is that it no longer has a menu. By looking to your left, you will find the instructions of the slot, showing you what every symbol means and how to play the game.

Looking elsewhere, you’ll find a jungle environment, which makes you feel like you’re truly along for the ride on Gonzo’s quest through the South American jungle. If you stare straight ahead, you’ll find the reels of the slot and the multiplier tracker cleanly displayed so you can keep track of the game.

gonzos quest vr big winGonzo is also back, and although he isn’t looking quite as dazzling, since he’s no longer a pre-rendered CG model, he’s still looking pretty sharp, as is the rest of the game given that it’s a VR online slot. Gonzo makes up for this by being far more interactive.

He doesn’t just moonwalk in front of the reels, he will now run up to you, get in your face and even run around you whenever you pull off a successful win. Minute details like this really bring Gonzo to life and make you feel like you’re in his world. There’s also an additional parrot mascot who celebrates along with you, and once again continues to immerse you during gameplay.


The Verdict: Gonzo’s Quest VR

gonzos quest vr playIf you enjoy Gonzo’s Quest, then the fact of the matter is, you’ll enjoy Gonzo’s Quest VR just a little bit more. Gonzo’s Quest VR still has the same great gameplay and bonus features, but now it’s got some extra window dressing to immerse you just a little bit more.

VR slots haven’t yet demonstrated how the format can affect gameplay in a meaningful way, but they have shown that by placing you in the world of the slot and adding neat features such as the slot mascot interacting with you, that they are more fun to play.

One feature we love most is the removal of menus, instead placing all the information around you in the environment. It’s a subtle tweak, but it makes the game much more fluid to play. In conclusion, if you own a VR headset and want to try it out, then Gonzo’s Quest VR is the perfect slot to take it for a test drive. You can play Gonzo’s Quest VR at virtual reality casinos like SlotsMillion Casino.

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