Gnome Wood Slot Review – Too Beautiful To Stay 3D

gnome wood slot reviewEver since the very first virtual reality casino games were developed, we were dreaming of the titles that we’d love to see in VR. One of them is the new slot by Rabcat – Gnome Wood. It’s a beautiful 3D game, so it’s only a short step away from the VR platform. And knowing that Rabcat belongs to Microgaming, we can actually see it happening in the near future.

For those of you, who are strangers to the VR industry, Microgaming was the pioneer of virtual reality casino software. Even though their Virtual Reality Roulette was never released for general use, the company undoubtedly has some ambitious projects in mind. We can only hope that Gnome Wood gets a place in these plans.

The slot is absolutely stunning. It’s set in an awe-inspiring magical forest that’s perfect for a virtual reality setting. As the name suggests, a gnome lives there and we get to see it prancing about on its rat in 3D while we play the game. Add the magical effects and the fantasy music and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable experience, assuming it’s in VR. After all, isn’t this new technology meant to let us experience things otherwise impossible?


Features Overview

  • Wandering Wilds With Multipliers
  • Free Spins Bonus Round
  • Over 96% RTP
  • Low Variance
  • 25 paylines
  • Bet range: 25p – £50




gnome wood gameplayAside from the beautiful atmosphere, the game is very simple to learn and play. There are 25 paylines on a 5×3 grid. Even though the reels are filled with 11 unique symbols excluding wilds, wins come frequently. As a result, keeping up your balance is very easy – good news for inexperienced players.

Frequent wins don’t mean a lot of money, however, because they are usually quite low. Theoretically, the highest win per payline is 100x your bet and that’s without the multipliers. But don’t expect huge jackpots – it’s a low variance slot. Therefore, Gnome Wood is a perfect game for new players or those who like to keep it low.


Ways To Magically Increase Your Wins

gnome wood free spinsMagic is very much alive in this neck of the woods as all the special features are somehow related to the arcane. The gamble feature lets you double your winnings up to five times upon every win. All you have to do is select the cauldron that’s filled with magical elixir instead of the empty one.

The gnome will cast his spells to activate other special features for even greater wins. One of his spells will make all the wild symbols roam the reels. These wandering wilds will travel leftwards until they’re out and each step will trigger a re-spin. So, landing a wild on the fifth reel will result in five free spins – just like that.

Free spins will continue as long as any number of wilds is present on the reels. And any number of wilds is actually possible, as they might also land during a re-spin. In other words, the gnome’s magic grants potentially infinite re-spins. What’s more, some of the wilds will carry a 2x multiplier that applies to each win that particular wild lands.

Finally, the same features are all active during the bonus round. Three or more scatter symbols will trigger the bonus round that consists of 10 free spins. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else to these free spins other than the same wilds that will trigger re-spins within the free spins. As a result, the bonus round isn’t the most exciting one, but it will still cheer you up as the gnome itself will come out to play with you.


Gnome Wood In VR

gnome wood slot 3d rabcatGnome Wood slot is only available in 3D, but we think it’s too beautiful to stay that way. It should become a virtual reality slot for more than one reason. Some of you may say that the gameplay is too plain and unoriginal to turn this game into a VR slot. And we think that it’s precisely the reason why it should be done, actually.

Complex gameplay and vast multitude of features would make this slot difficult to enjoy for many people. Instead, a simple slot would act as a perfect choice to draw in the majority of players. And since VR needs to get all the attention it can, it only makes sense to focus on production that appeals to as many people as possible.

Making a simple, yet beautiful virtual reality game would focus attention on the VR dimension itself. And Gnome Wood would make an outrageously beautiful VR slot. Imagine if you could walk up to the gnome’s house and knock on the door. What if you could see the gnome ride all around you and cast spells right before your eyes? Once you won some free spins, you’d have to chase the creature to the ruins deep in the wood where the bonus round takes place. Doesn’t that sound like a great adventure?


The Verdict

It’s hands-down the best slot that Rabcat could contribute to the portfolio of virtual reality software. That’s not just because it’s a 3D title, but because of how beautifully crafted it is, giving it loads of VR potential. Yes, it’s unlikely that we will see this become a (virtual) reality game anytime soon. However, we know that Microgaming has some ideas and it’s only a matter of time until they’re fully realised.

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