Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Review — High Octane Fun Needs VR

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem LogoThe backdrop is a neon city skyline at night, the soundtrack is pumping techno and the characters are hardened street racers. Sure, developers have made car racing themed games in the past, but none have done it with such style and excitement packed into such a small package as NetEnt with Drive: Multiplier Mayhem.

This game not only offers one of the most compelling themes in the NetEnt roster – at least for those who are into the thrill of fast cars – but also carries some of the most exciting gameplays of the developer’s slots. While its high volatility ensures that wins are few and far between, its multiplier feature gives you the ability to pocket up to 200x your wagers in the free spins round!


Features Overview

  • Wilds and Wild Overlays
  • Scatters trigger up to 19 free spins
  • Free spin multipliers up to 200x your wager
  • Killer theme that’s perfect for VR




The basics of this slot read very much like many other games in the NetEnt roster, which is both why it’s so evocative of the developer and why it’s such a good representative for the company. Its 5 reels play host to 15 fixed paylines, with a wagering capability from 15p to £75 – so very much within the average range. Moreover, although its return to player ration is a relatively high 96.7%, the fun is kept alive in the slot with its super high volatility that ensures you’re always on your toes.

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter all kinds of features designed to bump up your bankroll, from wilds and wild overlays to multipliers and scatters. Yet, the real magic happens when those features all come together in the main mini-game of the slot.


Free Spins Multiplers

Yes, those multipliers are so important thDrive: Multiplier Mayhem Wildsat they made it into the name, but what’s it all about? Well, when the scatters trigger the free spins round, you can claim up to 19 free spins.

During the free spins round, you’ll find there are wild overlays which increase in size with each spin, with a multiplier attached which increases with them. While the overall multiplier might start all the way down at 2x, by the time you’ve used up all your free spins, it can get all the way up to a massive 200x!


Drive: Multiplier Mayhem in Virtual Reality

Look, don’t go thinking we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is already a VR slot – it’s unfortunately definitely not. Yet, we can think of few other games in the NetEnt catalogue (or that of any other developer for that matter), which would make a better candidate for conversion over to virtual reality.

The way we came to this opinion was pretty simple. We asked ourselves the question: “what does a virtual reality game need above all else?” And the answer we came up with was — a world. You need somewhere to be transported and characters to interact with. It makes perfect sense that NetEnt chose Gonzo’s Quest for its first forays into virtual reality, seeing as there’s the compelling surroundings of the ancient jungle and the quirky character of Gonzo himself to merrily carry you along the way.

So, where does Drive: Multiplier Mayhem offer these world building opportunities? Well, for one thing, wouldn’t it be super exciting to feel like you’re in the heart of the action at one of those street races? Maybe behind the wheel yourself or as a spectator? You could almost imagine the smell of burnt rubber and the exhaust in the air.

And then, there are the compelling characters who are already a feature in the slot – wouldn’t you like to get to know them in virtual reality Basically, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem already has the building blocks for a great VR slot and we just need NetEnt to go ahead and make it now!



Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Mega WinDrive: Multiplier Mayhem already feels more like a video game than a slot to begin with and we’re sure that the fact that NetEnt regularly looks to film and video games for inspiration is a large factor in that. Don’t go thinking that this game isn’t great as a slot, though. Its high volatility means that you’re always on the edge of your seat waiting for that next win, while its high octane them and huge free spins rounds keep your adrenaline pumping.

Then, of course, there’s the famous multipliers from the very name of the game itself – we can’t think of any greater excitement than the prospect of landing a 200x multiplier in the full glory of HD virtual reality!

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