VR Gambling Has Chance To Help But Also Hinder Addicts, Claim Experts

VR gambling is a relatively new form of medium to come into the industry. However, with recent scientific advances and extensive research carried out in the field, it could be used for more than just entertainment. It could be used as an effective therapy treatment for problem gamblers! But it could also make things worse. Experts apparently can’t make up their mind. Is VR gambling a blessing or a curse?

SlotsMillion Makes One UK Player Its First Millionaire

Slotsmillion casino has just made its first ever millionaire who won £2.2m on Mega Fortune. Not only that, the player is from the UK where SlotsMillion has been operating for less than five months. The Gambling Commission issued a gambling licence back in September 2017. The lucky player had joined the first and still only VR casino a few days before the life-changing jackpot win, too. Find out how he did it and what you can do to repeat his success.

VR Gambling Should Be More Social, Says Experts

VR gambling is far from floundering but is also far from blossoming as well. What could companies do, in the VR and gambling industries in general, to make users engage with it more. According to experts, there could be more of a ‘human element’ which allows players to keep coming back for more. What does this mean and how can it be applied to VR gambling? Let’s take a look and see.

Casino VR Poker Launches The New And Better ‘Poker VR’ In Beta

The best social gambling game in virtual reality as of today is Poker VR. That’s the new version of poker which has just been launched in beta by Casino VR Poker. The game has been drastically improved although older players at the casino will see the same basics in use. The improvements include better representation in avatars, customization, new socializing options, contacts system, levelling system, trophies, tournaments and more. The new and better poker is available now with Samsung Gear VR and will be adapted to other headsets very soon.

Will Wireless VR Gambling Be The New Trend For 2018?

It’s kind of common knowledge that virtual reality isn’t as popular as it should be but that could all change in 2018 with the introduction of more wireless attachments, especially for VR gambling. Accessibility in new technologies is integral and when it comes to VR there could be more of it on that front. This is how wireless could be a good trend for VR gambling in 2018.

Over 1 Million VR Headset Sales Reached In Q3 2017

Never before had the VR headset sales reached the mark of 1 million sales in a single quarter. Q3 2017 was the first financial period to bring such successful results. The expectations in the virtual reality market are rising and 2018 is now seen in a different light. The negative mood of the beginning of 2017, when the VR hardware sales were slowing, isn’t as prevalent. Check out the top VR companies today and how this affects the virtual reality and gambling sectors.

Could VR Gambling Increase Empathy? A New Tool For Players

VR gambling and gambling in general aren’t best known for being the most empathetic of practises. Let’s face it, people only indulge in it because it’s pleasurable, therefore self-serving. Why would anyone need to understand other people’s point of view if all they need to win is good luck and a strategy? Well, studies in other areas show how VR is capable of bringing empathy out in people, perhaps VR gambling could be the same.

Sugar Rush Mobile VR Slot Now Available At SlotsMillion

SlotsMillion, industry’s first virtual reality casino, has recently launched a brand new VR slot. Sugar Rush mobile VR is based on the 2D slot with the same name by Pragmatic Play. It is a very colourful and exciting game made into a much more exciting and immersive experience now that it’s available for players with VR headsets. You can play this game only at SlotsMillion, where Sugar Rush VR is only compatible with Android devices and Google or Samsung Gear VR devices.

New Study Finds That VR Could Be Damaging To Children

A new study has been published this week that highlights the effects that continued VR headset usage could have on our health. The study focused on children, however we think it’s something that should be considered by all virtual reality gamers, as it found that problems with eyesight, balance and distance perception may occur after playing. This could pose problems to the VR gambling industry as the UK Gambling Commission takes players health very seriously.

Could This Oculus Headset Make VR Gambling More Mainstream?

VR gambling has been at a bit of a standstill for the past year or so and much of that can be attributed to the disappointing sales of VR headsets. Much more expensive than most people can afford, companies like Oculus have invested in producing a more affordable range of headsets. Enter Oculus Go, the first standalone VR goggles they have made. With any luck, this device will give VR gambling the boost that it needs. Or it could be the last desperate cry of a dying fad.