Casino VR Poker Launches To Bring Players A Simulated Poker Casino

casino vr poker logoAt Virtual Reality Casinos, it makes sense that we would be fanatical about VR casinos in whatever form they might take. We’ve covered virtual reality slots a lot here in the past, but there’s an entire world of casino games out there which would greatly benefit from the VR treatment, that are going sadly ignored.

That’s why we’re so excited to discover that Casino VR Poker has opened its doors, offering players a simulated poker experience, which they can enjoy on any major VR headset device, to give them a realistic poker game from the comfort of their own home. Casino VR Poker represents the future of online poker, so let’s take a look at what great features it has to bring to the table.


Casino VR Poker – The Future of Online Poker

Casino VR Poker comes with a lot of great features which come together to produce an accurate simulation of what playing poker at the tables is actually like. Their philosophy is to only add features which aim to make poker more realistic, whilst stripping away any VR gimmicks that would make the game more complicated and therefore ruin the player experience. Here are the best parts that Casino VR Poker has to offer.


Multiple Headset Compatibility

Casino VR Poker supports just about every major headset on the market, with their range of headsets including:
vr headsets

  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Daydream

The site is downloaded onto your computer as a program, which you then start up like you would any other program on your computer. You simply download an individual version of the casino for whichever headset you have and then you can start playing it without any awkward setup.

Realistic Avatars And Graphics

Avatars casino vr pokerVirtual reality is all about the visuals and this is where Casino VR Poker has concentrated a majority of its efforts. The best thing about a quality virtual reality headset is that it can track both player movements and also capture any audio that they might make.

Casino VR Poker’s avatars are great because they can track the movement of their players, so it feels like you’re sitting at a table with the real people that you’re playing, and since their movements are being tracked, you can get a good sense of their personality and behaviour. This is especially useful since poker is all about reading body language, making motion tracking a perfect companion for VR poker.

The site also comes with realistic audio, which plays in the location of where the avatar is sitting and at the volume you would expect from the distance they are relative to your avatar. This means that not only do you get the sense that you’re chatting with other players in a realistic environments, but the background chatter of players at other tables is perfect for creating the atmosphere that a realistic poker simulation demands.

Casino VR Poker is also decked out with superb graphics which run extremely smoothly on any VR headset. Everything is downloaded onto your PC, so it can run far better than if it was being streamed from a browser. Players will also find themselves sitting in a poker room which is equipped with unlimited tables and infinite games, so they can join any game or start their own without the restrictions that real life would bring with it.


Tournaments And Special Events Around The Clock

tournaments casino vr pokerA poker site can’t survive purely on its tech and thankfully even a tech heavy site like Casino VR Poker knows that they still need to be a great poker site in order to compete with the big names that already dominate the industry.

That’s why Casino VR Poker is packed with tournaments and special events that span the entire annual calendar. Players can compete with each other for incredible pots and show their skill by going head to head in tournaments which will be available to play for every player at Casino VR Poker.

Who knows, if Casino VR Poker manages to attract enough players, we could one day be watching a future world series poker match, all streamed from within a virtual casino, featuring avatars of the top players in the world.

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