Casino VR Poker Launches The New And Better ‘Poker VR’ In Beta

casino vr poker logoCasino VR Poker was one of the first sites to offer poker games in virtual reality. They’ve been doing it for more than a year now, which makes the current news all the more important. They’ve just recently announced the beta release of a brand new Poker VR game. It is similar to the old poker games at the site, but with loads of improvements.

Having implemented the knowledge accumulated throughout the years to this new game, Casino VR Poker staff made a superb product. It’s arguably the best social gambling game on mobile and in virtual reality. It is more engaging, has more features and delivers a personalized experience like never before. Although the basics are the same, it wouldn’t be far off to say that it’s a brand new game.


The New Poker VR Beta

poker vr betaEveryone with Samsung Gear VR can play Poker VR today and with so much going on, you definitely should too. The developers distinguished more than 10 substantial improvements in comparison to the older virtual reality games at their site. When it comes to poker, the software is undoubtedly in the lead as of today.

One of the things they improved was avatars. They now mimic each player’s own mouth, hands and other bodily movements. Such realistic avatars were already part of Casino VR Poker but never were they as lively as now. To imitate the hand movements, the game uses Gear VR controller.

To interact with in-game players and items hand movements are also necessary. Say, if you want to raise, you have to reach for your chips – just like in real life. Tapping on things also provides more information about them. Most importantly, other players can see your hand movements too.

Speaking of the avatars, they’re highly customizable and offer over 100m wardrobe combinations. This guarantees that no two players look the same. Plus, the developers are planning to increase that number to a billion and beyond. To increase the player’s presence even further, you can even speak with other players. The voices are clearer than ever and the avatars perfectly mimic your mouth movements, so the immersion is top notch.


Casino VR Poker Is All About Social Gaming

poker vr social interactionThe social aspect of poker has always been of utmost importance at Casino VR Poker. The same view went on to Poker VR as the ability to socialize has been dramatically improved. For example, all live tables are now just one click away. You can also see the information about each game, like the players at the table, without joining it.

More importantly, they overhauled the contacts system too. New friends are accessible in the ‘recently met’ section. Players can also easily invite old friends to new games, even if they’re offline, which wasn’t possible before. Other options include joining friends at their tables and inviting them over while in-game.

Speaking of the friend system, there’s also a leaderboard which only features your own contacts. So, you can compete with your friends for a higher rank not only globally, but with each other. And to make new friends, players can now offer actionable items to anyone at the same table. These gifts also work as the player’s expressions and can help you build your personality.


General Improvements Of Poker In Virtual Reality

poker vr gameplay virtual realityPoker VR also comes with some general improvements that make the whole experience better. No gambling game, be it in virtual reality or not, would be functional and comfortable without any UI. The new product by Casino VR Poker has a new holographic UI that blends right in and fits the VR environment. Thanks to it, both in-game and technical options, like mic controls, are just one hand movement away.

The game also has a progression system with 50 levels and 50 unlockable trophies. Each level comes with new challenges, though. The leveling is also tied to tutorials and in-game features. Rather than teaching you everything about the game on your first sitting, you’ll only learn basics at first.

As you level up, new features will be introduced, so there’s a sense of achievement too. Don’t worry, though, because, by the level five, you’ll know everything there is to know about the game. Speaking of such features, tournament system has also been improved. They’re now easier to find and sign up for. Tournaments are more competitive, but also have a much bigger impact on your player’s score and position on the leaderboard.

Poker VR is available today on Samsung Gear VR exclusively. However, users of other headsets need not worry. For example, the game will launch on Oculus Rift and Oculus Go very soon too.

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