Over 1 Million VR Headset Sales Reached In Q3 2017

Never before had the VR headset sales reached the mark of 1 million sales in a single quarter. Q3 2017 was the first financial period to bring such successful results. The expectations in the virtual reality market are rising and 2018 is now seen in a different light. The negative mood of the beginning of 2017, when the VR hardware sales were slowing, isn’t as prevalent. Check out the top VR companies today and how this affects the virtual reality and gambling sectors.

Finn and the Swirly Spin Slot Review – Will NetEnt’s Best Slot of 2017 Get The VR Treatment?

Finn and the Swirly Spin is a brand new NetEnt slot that features amazing creative graphics, an innovative new reel mechanism and not one, but eight impressive bonus rounds. These are just some of the reasons that we think this slot could be the perfect game to be given a full VR makeover. Read our full review to find out why we think this could be NetEnt’s best slot of 2017, and therefore why it’s imperative that it becomes available for virtual reality players.

Could VR Gambling Increase Empathy? A New Tool For Players

VR gambling and gambling in general aren’t best known for being the most empathetic of practises. Let’s face it, people only indulge in it because it’s pleasurable, therefore self-serving. Why would anyone need to understand other people’s point of view if all they need to win is good luck and a strategy? Well, studies in other areas show how VR is capable of bringing empathy out in people, perhaps VR gambling could be the same.

Planet Of The Apes Slot Review — NetEnt’s Next Virtual Reality Slot?

It may have taken the best part of five decades since the start of the film franchise, but finally the Planet of the Apes has its own slot. Boy, is it a corker! To make up for lost time, this game is a giant, which takes up not one, but two sets of reels, effectively making it a 10×3 reel slot! Filled to the rafters with ape related bonuses, this game doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. As part of our review, we also discuss why we think Planet of the Apes would be the perfect candidate to be NetEnt’s next virtual reality slot game.

Sugar Rush Mobile VR Slot Now Available At SlotsMillion

SlotsMillion, industry’s first virtual reality casino, has recently launched a brand new VR slot. Sugar Rush mobile VR is based on the 2D slot with the same name by Pragmatic Play. It is a very colourful and exciting game made into a much more exciting and immersive experience now that it’s available for players with VR headsets. You can play this game only at SlotsMillion, where Sugar Rush VR is only compatible with Android devices and Google or Samsung Gear VR devices.

Wild Wild West Slot Review — An Action Packed Game That Would Be Stunning In VR

Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist slot is a game that we really wish would come in the form of virtual reality. Being an action packed and a fast paced game, a VR treatment would catapult the gaming experience of this slot to the stratosphere! For now, what we have is a beautifully designed slot that sports an exceptionally high return to player rate. And guess what? We absolutely love it. To sweeten things up for you, NetEnt has included four different type of Wild symbols in this game, all which would help you get away with massive amounts of loot!

New Study Finds That VR Could Be Damaging To Children

A new study has been published this week that highlights the effects that continued VR headset usage could have on our health. The study focused on children, however we think it’s something that should be considered by all virtual reality gamers, as it found that problems with eyesight, balance and distance perception may occur after playing. This could pose problems to the VR gambling industry as the UK Gambling Commission takes players health very seriously.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Review — High Octane Fun Needs VR

In our review of NetEnt’s Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, we consider how this game would make the perfect virtual reality slot. Not only is the game so packed with great features, from scatters, wilds, wild overlays and free spins, but when those features come together, they create the potential for you to win up to 200x your original stake! Then there’s the entire world that the slot creates, with cars and characters so vivid, you can almost smell the nitro!

Could This Oculus Headset Make VR Gambling More Mainstream?

VR gambling has been at a bit of a standstill for the past year or so and much of that can be attributed to the disappointing sales of VR headsets. Much more expensive than most people can afford, companies like Oculus have invested in producing a more affordable range of headsets. Enter Oculus Go, the first standalone VR goggles they have made. With any luck, this device will give VR gambling the boost that it needs. Or it could be the last desperate cry of a dying fad.

Gnome Wood Slot Review – Too Beautiful To Stay 3D

One of the most beautiful games that we’d like to see via our VR headset is Gnome Wood, the new 3D slot by Rabcat. We think it would make a great VR slot and the fact that Rabcat belongs to Microgaming makes us believe that this is actually possible. While the gameplay might feel unoriginal and bare, the atmosphere is beautiful, magical and awe-inspiring. If anything, virtual reality is meant to let us experience things otherwise impossible and this game is just that.