Over 1 Million VR Headset Sales Reached In Q3 2017

vr headset sales financial resultsMany specialists have been predicting a further decrease in VR headset sales recently. However, the situation is turning out better than expected. The last financial quarter actually saw more than 1 million virtual reality headsets sold worldwide. This is a number that has never been reached during the same period before. Even though it took some time to achieve this, it seems that the market of virtual reality isn’t as floundering as we were led to believe.


VR Headset Sales In Q3 2017

samsung gear vrVR headset sales in Q3 2017 just barely passed the 1 million mark, but it’s an achievement nonetheless. Three brands made the most impact, according to Canalys, a company of independent analysts in Singapore. Unsurprisingly, these are the virtual reality hardware brands by Sony, Oculus and HTC.

Unlike the 2016 results, when Samsung Gear VR dominated the market, the results of Q3 2017 are completely different. Just as we predicted, Sony took the lead with their Playstation VR and surpassed Samsung and their Gear VR. They have sold over 490,000 Playstation VR units and makes up almost 50% of the total sales. Samsung, on the other hand, suffered a major drop and doesn’t even make it to the top 3.

Oculus is next in line with 210,000 Oculus Rift headsets. HTC is third with 160,000 HTC Vive goggles sold. Together, these three companies dominated the market with 86% of the total sales in Q3 2017. What do all these boring numbers mean? For one thing, it shows the shift in power as Samsung fell from the leading position. More importantly, VR is slowly gaining momentum and the moment of virtual reality becoming mainstream is drawing closer.


Price Was A Major Factor In Reaching 1 Million Sales

oculus rift price dropNot only did Oculus released their first standalone VR goggles Oculus Go VR a few months ago, they also decreased the price of Oculus Rift. While it used to cost over $500 before, the price was set to $399 during Q3 and it’s to stay that way indefinitely. The decision was a successful one as the price drop really boosted the sales for Oculus. Such an outcome wasn’t unexpected as most people saw the high prices as the main drawback of VR hardware.

Following such positive results, it seems that price optimization will remain a priority in 2018. With the Oculus Rift for $399 and the new Oculus Go VR for $199, the company might just be on the rise. The new product will be the main focus of the company, according to Canalys analysts.


VR Headset Sales Should Continue Rising In 2018

virtual realityThere are more than a few reasons why virtual reality headset sales will probably continue rising. Those following the industry expect a noticeable boost from Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform and its new entrants. With the looming boom of VR market, new tech companies are entering the race too.

This includes the most popular PC vendors such as HP, Levono, Dell, Asus and Acer. With their own VR hardware in the market, they will be able to use their resources very efficiently to make virtual reality more widespread than ever. So, it might be possible that the negative mood of 2017 will not continue into 2018. Will virtual reality finally break through? We’re very excited to see how it unfolds and affects the VR gambling.

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